Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Rainbow of Life

We see this rainbow everytime we look at or into one another's faces.  We see pieces of ourselves scattered all over the faces and hands and feet of the women who have touched our lives.  There is an instant look of acknowledgement.  A smile. A nod.  Sometimes a hug or a simple touch on the arm. 

Feeling around the edges of a new friendship shifts the rainbow and prisms of light spring up everywhere.  If that light shines and glows in a constant manner I know I have found another brilliant color to carry around with me.  If not, and it dulls and sputters I'm aware that I didn't have a chance to light the light that would have carried us forward. 

We are really lucky when we find those women that we relate to, those special, women with open hearts and minds.  Women who don't judge, who are sure of their past and just as unsure of their future.  I have room in my life for more of these women, but am at a impasse as there doesn't seem to many of them in my community.  Age has a lot to do with it, so many younger women, military wifes and mothers.  Older women that grew up in the area and have ties that bind them with families, and old friends, and that seems to be enough for them. 
I know that I've climbed a large chunk of my life and wise enough to know that certainity equals uncertainity.  For now I'll watch the edges of my rainbow and watch for sparks with open hearts.


  1. I envy you being close to your family....and NYC!!!

  2. I love your words, but not as much as I love your heart.