Sunday, February 28, 2010

Skirts are high....

I've been reflecting a whole lot this last week; ruminating on what my life is going to be like shortly.  I am going back to work finally.   School is flowing and gurgling right along, so I figured that since things were going so well there I might as well throw in an obstacle or two to keep life interesting.  My physical is scheduled for the 15th so it is safe to say that I won't be starting 'til somewhere around the first of April.  Which means I have another month of wondering and exploring, and if Lady Luck is on my side I may actually have some pretty weather to play in before I am confined to the four walls of employment.

Part of my cogitating is due to this blog.  Do I want to walk away from myspace completely?  I really like the people I've met over there and enjoy the feedback I get, but sometimes it feels a little too much like work and since I'm going to be doing that on a daily basis should I just sign off and plant my hiney here? I can't believe that I even have to ask that question. 

I want to be able to blog about my impressions on life and my adventures.  There are bound to be plenty of new ones coming up.  I feel like I've been bombarded lately by poetry bloggers.  I'm not a poet, I'm a photographer.  And I say that very loosely.  Sometimes I'm no better of a photographer than they are poets, but far be it from me to be the one to write that.  There are a lot of assumptions made that I don't want to be any part I'm beginning to think that if I start blogging and journaling here on whatever ends up being my regular basis I'll be a lot better off. I'm just very comfortable over there on myspace, it has taken me the better part of the last three years to get it all figured out.  I'm making so many changes in my life right now, why not add one more to the batch?

What can it hurt to add to crazy, huh???  It is all very much like talking to myself anyway, at least that is what I aim for and if someone happens by and reads what I have written and understands it, well, all the better.
A few words, a couple of photographs and I will have accomplished what I set out to do.  I seem to entertain myself rather well!  I also use !!! and ... way to much, but that is just the way my mind rolls.  All those speed bumps help me express my feelings, which are obviously left hanging a lot of the time.


So much is changing.  Evolving in manners not yet refined, certainly not disciplined in any way, shape or form.  It is strictly up to me to bring refinement to the upheaval of my life.  I've got umteenmillion photos to go through, choose the ones I want to print, mat, frame and really is a daunting.  And along with those, I have to also pick the ones I want to "show".  This is so exciting for me, it is something I have always wanted to do.  Unlike myspace, the critique will be real life, real time and totally in my face. 

I've grown so much in the past five years.  I guess if I had to sit down and go over milestones, I can honestly say that I have reached the goals that I had set for this period of my life. That's a pretty big thing to be grateful for I think.  I may not make anybody else happy, but I'm thrilled about where I am right now.

The turning point is approaching.  How and when I do it, and which path I choose to follow will become more apparent in the next couple of weeks.


Never a dull moment........remember, keep your knees together, elseways, I'll see your knickers. 

Of course the beaches of Spain or the mountains of Tibet wouldn't be bad either.....
North Carolina will do just fine right now.

Chasing a dream - Deb-or-ah's MySpace Blog |

Chasing a dream - Deb-or-ah's MySpace Blog

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Serenissima, In My Dreams - Deb-or-ah's MySpace Blog |

Serenissima, In My Dreams - Deb-or-ah's MySpace Blog

Petal Offering

Spread your petals round my ruffled heart

Sooth my pain, settle my soul.

Tell me there will be beauty in my world again.

I wake up and wonder where the crack began

Who stirred up the unrest beneath our wing

And whether or not we'll ever fly to freedom.

Feathers and ribbons streaming on the breeze

Find frenzied blooms and buds dancing naked

Under fluffy clouds with my tears streaming.

Castles in the air, branches bare budding

Bleeding life in to cold air and hope

People poor hungry seeking shelter

Needing more love than I can offer

Nothing for sure in the world anymore

Except living for tomorrow.